Behind Brass

The Edit: That’s a Wrap!

We created The Edit to give you a new way to shop. The idea was inspired by a pattern we noticed in customers who were shopping with intention, buying one piece at a time. We thought, “what if more women shopped this way”? From this small seed of an idea, we developed The Edit. And over the past 6 months, it’s come to life! Since we started on January 1st, we’ve emailed out over 500 Edit codes. We’ve met, talked and emailed with so many of you. You’ve shared your stories and welcomed us into your closets (and lives)! In return, we hope The Edit has brought you: clarity on your own personal style and vision for your wardrobe, skills for picking pieces that function for your life, and – most importantly – a strong foundation from which you can continue building your perfect wardrobe.

Now that we’re finally in June, we want to make sure our last month is as exciting as Day 1. So, we’re going to shake things up a little bit to ensure we end on a high note and you end up with 6 beautiful pieces you love. Here’s what to expect this month:

  • You June Edit code will not expire until October 31st, 2017 so you can still get The Jeans. When we first started The Edit, we anticipated having our Jeans by May or June. But as you know, we’re developing the perfect pair of jeans that every woman needs in her closet. And we really want to get them right! We’re spending extra time on development to make sure The Jeans are perfect. We now expect them to be available this fall. You’ll receive an email from us when the Jeans are ready to order with your June Edit code. 
  • Rather than doing 1 seasonal piece for June, we’re adding 3 new pieces to The Edit Collection: The Cropped Ponte Pants, The Culottes, and The Ponte Pants in a new color, graphite. Each of these items will be added to The Edit Collection upon launch. All of these new pants will be released throughout June.

We’re so excited for these new pieces to arrive and can’t wait to get them in your hands! We brought The Cropped Ponte Pants and Culottes samples with us to New York a few weeks ago for our Real Model photo shoot and have included some sneak peeks from the shoot for you.



To end on a personal – and hopefully not too sappy – note, we want to tell you what a pleasure it’s been getting to know you on a deeper level through this Edit process. We know The Edit was not an inexpensive endeavor. You committed your time, resources and energy to Brass over the past 6-months. And we hope you got as much out of the program as we have. We’ve learned so much from all of you. You ladies will always have a special place in our hearts! <3