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The Edit: Collection Reveal

The Edit is launching this week, and we can’t wait! If you haven’t heard of The Edit yet, it’s 6-month wardrobe redesign program created to help women build beautiful, foundational wardrobes.

Why Edit?

We believe a foundational wardrobe is the key to getting dressed with ease. When your closet is full of high-quality pieces that can be easily mixed and matched, you feel confident in your ability to look and feel great. But creating a foundational wardrobe isn’t easy to do. It’s a process that involves evaluating the clothing you have, removing the items that don’t work for your life, and slowly introducing new core pieces. We emphasize slowly because we believe it’s important to be thoughtful about each piece you bring into your wardrobe. When you add one piece at a time, you’re forced to ask “do I really love and need this?”

How To Edit

We created The Edit to guide you through the process of creating a foundational wardrobe. Over the course of 6 months, you’ll choose 6 pieces from The Edit Collection. You’ll pick one piece per month to help you shop with intent, thinking about each piece’s purpose in your new foundational wardrobe. You’ll also receive The Edit Kit, a box filled with tips and tricks on how to clean out your closet, a pre-paid shipping envelope to send unwanted clothing to a recycling facility and 6 beautiful hangers. And you’ll have a 30-minute closet consultation to meet with a member of the Brass Team via skype or FaceTime to get clear on what your wardrobe really needs. All Edit items ship at no additional charge plus you’ll receive a free shipping code to use on any additional orders you place during the 6-month program. At the end of the program, you’ll have a new, foundational wardrobe that elevates your style and helps you get dressed with ease.

The Edit Collection

We thought long and hard when selecting the 10 core pieces and 6 seasonal pieces in The Edit Collection. Our goal was to create an assortment of foundational pieces you can easily mix and match to create multiple looks. We’re excited to reveal the 10 core tops, bottoms, and dresses that will be included in The Edit Collection below!



The Work Blouse


The Button Down Blouse


The Cropped Crew




The Pencil Skirt


The Ponte Pants



The Sway Dress


The Cocktail Shift Dress


The Pencil Dress


The Jumper

The Layering Kit


Leggings, Updated Boatneck Tank, Long Sleeve Layering Top

6 Seasonal Styles

In addition to these 10 pieces, we’ll also add 1 seasonal piece to the collection per month starting in January. The seasonal pieces include tops, bottoms, dresses and even denim! By the end of the 6-month program, you’ll have 16 pieces to choose from. First up is our new Line-Up Midi Dress!


The Line-Up Midi Dress

The Edit is available for purchase November 25th – 28th for $548 or two installments of $288. For more information on the cost breakdown, please visit our FAQs. You can sign up to be notified when it goes on sale here.

We always love hearing your feedback. Please leave thoughts, comments, and questions in the comments field below!