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Behind The Scenes: Real Model Shoot NYC

This past weekend, we made our way down to NYC for our first out-of-town Real Model shoot. The idea to feature our customers on the website was born out of an event we did 2 years ago. We hosted an event called Selfie Sunday and invited our local Boston customers to come to the studio for an afternoon with a professional makeup artist and professional photographer. It was such a success; we knew we had to do it again. Since then, we’ve shot more than 40 women and we have more than 900 women, from across the country (and world!), in our Real Model database. Heading down to New York was our first attempt at trying to figure out a way to provide this experience to more women in more places.

We are continually impressed by the women that show up, willing to step in front of the camera and push their comfort level. What we’ve learned is that in the right setting, under the right circumstances, we all have a little inner Naomi in us! The transformation from being nervous, awkward, and doubtful to strong, beautiful, and confident happens every single time, to every single woman. We can’t wait to see where this project takes all of us, both the company and our customers, and we can’t wait to see how photographing hundreds of women over time will add to the cultural and social shift that is happening within the beauty industry. Above all, we are so grateful to be doing this with such an impressive community of women.

A huge thank you goes out to all 12 women who showed up for the shoot on Saturday and to our photographer, Baldwin Cunningham, who was able to get the women to feel comfortable in front of the camera. We’ll be posting the final shots on the site and on Instagram over the next few weeks, but for now, check out some behind-the-scenes shots below!